One stop shop when it comes to concrete for your ICF build.

Whether you are a homeowner looking to  get your dream home started, or a contractor looking for a quality ICF installer and concrete contractor, you're at the right place! The three main steps in the build are:


At Lanzinger ICF, we take pride in constructing our own footings, to ensure that they are constructed according to agreed on plans, and the highest level of quality. 


The walls get installed onto the footings, using varying length metal braces which hold the wall in place. Walls can vary in thickness from 6" of concrete to 32" on concrete. This allows a multitude of applications, including large commercial buildings. Waterproofing is applied onto all walls which will have backfill against them.


Once walls are poured, basement, garage, or porches will be formed and poured and finished as per spec.