What Are Insulated Concrete Forms?

Insulated concrete forms (ICF) is an increasingly popular method of residential and commercial construction. It's best known for its insulating properties, user friendliness, and reduced construction waste.

ICF blocks in the simplest form, are two styrofoam panels that lock into one another vertically with a lego-like interlocking design, and are held to each other horizontally by a plastic spacer - think of a concrete cinder block, but made of styrofoam. This is then filled with concrete, leaving the styrofoam "form", in place permanently. Whether a basement, bungalow, slab on grade, two story  home, or multiple story building, ICF can be used to build anything.

ICF is an eco-friendly product that reduces impacts to the environment immediately during construction, and for the duration of its life. As the world becomes more conscious of environmental impacts, it is repeatedly mentioned how our homes are one of the biggest polluters. ICF construction provides a building method that creates basements which are naturally insulated, reducing heating costs and pollution. As many people discover the superior homes built not only with ICF basements, but entire ICF houses, they are realizing the reduction in construction waste. We at Lanzinger ICF have put every effort to reduce construction waste - reducing to as low as only 2% waste during the ICF building process - compared to 30-40% waste in traditional wood framed methods. This not only keeps unecessary garbage out of the landfills, but saves you money.

Further benefits:

Energy efficiency - reduce pollution, and home heating/cooling costs significantly

Durability - protect against tornadoes and hurricanes with a wind resistance of over 400 km/h

Sound dampening

Made of concrete and styrofoam - no organic material preventing rot, mold, etc.

Efficenicy - ICF eliminates the need for any wood framing, as drywall is mounted directly to the wall, achieving traditional structure, insulation, vapour barrier, air tightness, and sheeting steps all in one!